NARFE - Chapter 1747
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How Chapter 1747 Greater Bowie-Crofton Area Began

On April 28, 1980 they adopted a constitution and by-laws, which national NARFE approved on May 6. On October 31, they were granted their charter and “empowered to do all things pertaining to the good of the organization ...“.

Since the beginning, the chapter has steadily grown, and today our membership hovers around 600 current federal employees and retirees and their spouses. Our chapter includes members from the five communities listed in our charter -- Bowie, Crofton, Mitchellville, Odenton, and Gambrills — as well as other surrounding areas.

Chapter Presidents, 1980 Thru Present

     Ben Zitomer          Apr 1980 - Dec 1980
     Donald Swan          Jan 1981 - Dec 1982
     Alex Kopstein        Jan 1983 - Dec 1984
     Harold Gross         Jan 1985 - Jun 1986
     A. James Golato      Jul 1986 - Jun 1988
     Marty Milrod         Jul 1988 - Jun 1990
     Don Enty             Jul 1990 - Jun 1991
     Bill Schmidt         Jul 1991 - Jun 1993
     Malcolm Robertson    Jul 1993 - Apr 1994
     Sherman Krasney      May 1994 - Jun 1995
     Wilhelm Schmidt      Jul 1995 - Jun 1997
     Sherman Krasney      Jul 1997 - Jun 1998
     Mary Catloth         Jul 1998 - Jun 2001
     Paul Schuette        Jul 2001 - Jun 2003
     Maria Ritzman        Jul 2003 - Sep 2004
     Ed Bice              Oct 2004 - Jun 2009
     Dorothy Campbell     Jul 2009 - Jun 2013
     Jerry Kursban        Jul 2013 - Jun 2017
     Frank Lee            Dec 2017 - Jun 2023
     Angela Hyman         Jun 2023 - present

Distinguished Annuitant of the Year

     1998 George Jones
     1999 Sylvania Krasney
     2000 Calvin Dorn
     2001 Ruth Kluth
     2002 Mary Catloth
     2003 Doris Gordon
     2004 Dave Galliart, Tom Page and Jackie Calloway
     2005 Paul Schuette
     2006 Roger Leonard
     2007 Mayer Weinblatt
     2008 Dorothy Campbell
     2009 Al Golato and Ed Bice
     2010 Barbara Wheatley
     2011 Bob Cullen
     2012 Jessica Forman
     2013 Louise Cole
     2014 Howard Gordon
     2015 Dorothy Bice
     2016 Frank Lee
2017 not awarded 2018 Ed Bice 2019 Vanessa Washington 2020 not awarded 2021 Louise Cole

NARFE Chapter 1747 Bylaws

Revised June 23, 2023

Article I. NAME


This chapter shall be known as Greater Bowie-Crofton Area Chapter 1747 of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE). The chapter may be affiliated with the Maryland State Federation, subject to the bylaws of that body.




Section 1. The objectives of this chapter shall be to support and work towards the objectives of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE). In furtherance of these objectives the chapter shall operate in unity with policies established by the Association and National Executive Board, together with such other activities looking toward the preservation of American institutions and ideals as shall be espoused by the Association.


Section 2. The chapter shall not enter activities, arrangements or agreements that conflict with programs or activities of the National Association or its bylaws.


Article Ill. MEMBERS


Section 1. Any person who is a dues-paying member of NARFE shall be eligible to join the chapter. A member who pays chapter dues is in good standing.


Section 2. The chapter may provide for non-voting members as allowed in the National Bylaws, defining associate, social members.


Article IV. DUES


Section 1. The chapter dues are $10.00 yearly and used to meet expenses of carrying out chapter business and functions.


Section 2. Any chapter document relating to dues or contributions must contain this statement: "Dues payments, gifts or contributions to NARFE are not deductible contributions for federal income tax purposes."




Section 1. Chapter officers shall be a president, a vice president (or first and second vice president), a secretary, a treasurer, and an assistant treasurer. The officers shall be voting members and elected at the annual meeting and may be nominated by the nominating committee or from the floor. The chapter president may serve for a term of two years or until their successor is elected but may run no more than two times for office. The other chapter officers do not have term limits. Officers shall assume their duties on the third Thursday in June after the election and fulfill their standard duties, which are detailed in the Chapter and Federation Officers Manual, F10.


Section 2. The chapter may by resolution require the treasurer [or the secretary treasurer] to give bond for the faithful performance of his or her duties. The expense of obtaining a bond shall be paid from chapter funds.

Section 3. If there is a vacancy in the office of the president, the vice-president shall serve as president until the next election. If there is a vacancy in any other office, the executive committee shall fill such vacancy for the unexpired term.

Section 4. The executive committee shall consist of the elected chapter officers (and other appointed officers and committee chairs as the chapter may prescribe. Quorum for an executive committee meeting shall consists of three (3) members.


Section 1. The membership committee shall be appointed by the president. It shall be the duty of the members of this committee to develop a membership plan that describes organized efforts to gain and keep members, encourage dues withholding, and contact lapsed members. The committee shall consist of the elected chapter officers (and other appointed officers and committee chairs as deemed appropriate.)

Section 2. The legislative committee shall be appointed by the president to: (a) keep abreast of state and national legislative matters concerning federal civil annuitants and prospective annuitants; and (b) make recommendations for action to the chapter, the federation and the Association. The committee shall consist of the elected chapter officers (and other appointed officers and committee chairs as deemed appropriate).

Section 3. The president may appoint a service officer, a public relations officer, a sunshine committee and such other committees as deemed desirable.

Section 4. The audit committee shall be appointed by the president to annually perform an audit of the financial records of the chapter.

Section 5. The president shall be ex-officio of all committees except the Nominating Committee and the Audit Committee.

Section 6. No other standing committee may be appointed without amending the bylaws unless a provision is included.


Section 1. Regular meetings shall be held on the third Thursday of each month at the Bowie Senior Center, 14900 Health Center Drive, Bowie, MD or other designated venue if necessary, except July and August, unless a meeting is canceled by previous chapter vote or by the action of the chapter executive committee, with due and reasonable notice to members. The regular meeting in May shall be the annual meeting.


Section 2. Quorum for conducting chapter business shall consist of ten (10) of the chapter's voting members, but less than a quorum may adjourn to meet on a future date, of which due notice shall be given to each voting member, if less than a quorum is present, members may run the program but may not make decisions.

Section 3. Special meeting shall be called by the chapter president when necessary or upon written request of 5 of the chapter members, stating the nature of the business for which the meeting is to be called. Notice of a special meeting shall be given in writing and mailed to every member at his/her last known address, or sent electronically, or delivered personally, at least 10 business days (Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays) before each such meeting.

Section 4. Electronic meetings are authorized when there is a time critical factor, when an issue must be resolved before the next meeting; inclement weather prohibits meeting during a regularly scheduled time; health risks exist as determined by federal/state government such as COVID, or whenever a member of the Executive Committee, with approval of at least two other members, determines that an electronic meeting is warranted.


Section 5. A quorum of at least three (3) members of the Executive Committee mustapprove of and participate in the meeting. All business affairs of the chapter may beconducted by electronic means except voting for chapter officers.




The provisions found in Robert's Rules of Order Newly revised shall govern chapter or federation business in all matters not in conflict with the chapter bylaws or the Association's Articles of Incorporation and National Bylaws.




Section 1. An amendment to these bylaws shall be made by concurrence of two-thirds of the voting members present and voting at any regular business meeting, provided written notice of the proposed amendment has been transmitted to all chapter voting members not less than 30 days before the meeting at which the vote was taken.


Section 2. Amendments shall be approved at National Headquarters before becoming effective.


Chapter President: /s/ Frank Lee, dtd. 6-7-2023
National Secretary/Treasurer: /s/ Kathryn E. Hensley, dtd. 6-23-2023